Article 1-

The name of the foundation is AKUT FOUNDATION.

In this official deed, it will be called as “the foundation”.


Article 2-

The head office of the foundation is in the SISLI district of ISTANBUL, and its address is Ergenekon Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Itır Apartmanı, No 179, Kat 1, Daire 1, 34373, Pangaltı Şişli İstanbul.

The foundation may open branches and/or representative offices in the country and abroad with the decision of the foundation board of directors within the framework of the relevant legislation.


Article 3-

Working voluntarily in nature sports, natural disasters and other incidents and accidents that require search and rescue, effective search and rescue activities, and making arrangements to receive and evaluate the notifications made for accident and/or missing persons as soon as possible in the country and abroad. Establishing the communication chain that will initiate the search and rescue operation with the notification received, identifying, training or training the trained and certified, suitably talented team members who can participate in the Search and Rescue operation, ensuring that the team gathers as soon as possible and arrives at the scene, to carry out effective search and rescue studies and to provide the most suitable conditions. is to create.

To achieve the Foundation’s Objectives;

To provide training and seminars on first aid/search and rescue, extreme sports, alternative sports and other issues to foundation members and volunteers, and to public and private institutions and organizations, educational institutions and individuals, apart from members upon request, and to cooperate and provide consultancy services with real and legal persons abroad, foundations, associations, public institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations, if legal permission is obtained, AKUT Foundation, AKUT Search and Rescue Association, AKUT Search and Rescue Association Sports Club. To provide financial, logistical or technical contribution to the expenses arising from search and rescue and all the activities specified in the statutes of the AKUT Search and Rescue Association and all organizations to be established by the AKUT Search and Rescue Association and AKUT Foundation in the future, and to provide services in this regard by cooperating in line with its objectives, and to provide income to the foundation. companies, Emergency Management and Search and Rescue Provided that necessary permissions are obtained from the competent authorities in order to carry out studies that set standards on related issues, provide certified and non-certified trainings, and provide consultancy and auditing services; Establishing institutes and training centers.

With the responsibility and awareness of being one of the most effective and powerful non-governmental organizations in Turkey, in order to protect and protect all the qualities, concepts and values ​​defined in T.R.’s Constitution, to assist the main purposes and duties of the State, and to support the issues determined and protected by the laws in force, In addition to search and rescue works, which are the subject of our country, all kinds of social, cultural and societal issues such as sports, environment and nature, which he sees in our country; One of the main purposes of the AKUT Foundation is to organize meetings, symposiums, conversations, marches, events, signature campaigns, preparation of books, brochures and similar publications, and fundraising campaigns, creating public awareness, raising public awareness and similar activities.

The mission of the AKUT Foundation;
The mission of AKUT Search and Rescue Association; “To reach people in a difficult situation as soon as possible with an amateur work and a professional approach, completely voluntarily, in case of disappearances and accident events that occur in mountain and natural conditions, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and major accidents.

To create the most suitable conditions for assistance, to carry out correct and safe search and rescue work, to provide basic first aid support to the victims and to ensure their transfer to safe environment conditions.

The main purpose of the AKUT Foundation is to support the efforts to minimize the loss of life in such incidents and to inform the society about search and rescue issues.

The values ​​of the AKUT Foundation; volunteerism, gratuitous benevolence, valuing the lives of human beings and other natural beings, honesty, reliability.

AKUT FOUNDATION does not deal with politics, the purpose of the Foundation cannot be contrary to the aims of any official institution and/or organization.


Article 4-

Members of the Foundation are not accepted, volunteers are accepted. Upon the application of the person, the Human Resources Volunteer evaluates the information in the entry notification and registers it in the Volunteer system.

Volunteer; He is the person who accepts all the conditions in the foundation deed, benefits from his voluntary rights and can assume all kinds of obligations to be assigned by the Board of Directors and the heads of the relevant units.

Volunteer; Provided that it contains the necessary conditions and excluding the organs specified in the AKUT Foundation deed, it supports the AKUT Search and Rescue Association.

Volunteer’s obligations; to participate in the work units, activities and trainings created or to be established, to spend the necessary effort in accordance with the vision and mission of the Foundation’s purpose and service issues, and to maintain the positive image of the association in the society.

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