Our Mission

Founded in 2011, AKUT Foundation, carrying responsibility and awareness of being one of the most effective and powerful non-governmental organizations in Turkey, naturally aims to protect all the qualities, concepts and values ​​defined in T.R.’s Constitution, to assist the main purposes and duties of the State, and to support the issues determined and protected by the laws in force. In addition to the activities supporting the search and rescue works, which are the main subject of our company, in all kinds of social, cultural and societal issues such as sports, environment and nature, which he sees in our country’s gaps, deficiencies and mistakes; it is positioned to conduct meetings, symposiums, conversations, marches, events, signature campaigns, preparation of books, brochures and similar publications, and fundraising campaigns, creating public opinion, raising public awareness and similar activities.

Our Vision

AKUT Foundation carries out various educational activities that will add value to our country. The priority of our foundation is to increase the number of sensitive individuals who attach importance to social responsibility studies, adopt a safe life culture as a principle, are sensitive to the environment, conscious, respectful to live life, sensitive to the environment, who will play an active role in the solution of social problems, and to support effective solution proposals.

AKUT Foundation Corporate Communications