Donor Declaration


As AKUT Foundation, which has adopted the principle of “Unconditional Benevolence”, we attach great importance to the sense of trust of our donors who stand by us with the same principle. We recognize that all our donors have the following rights.

  1. Requesting information about AKUT Foundation’s mission, vision, executives and activities,
  2. Requesting information about where, how much and for what purpose the materials/funds to be donated to AKUT Foundation will be used,
  3. Requesting information about the capacity of AKUT Foundation to efficiently use the material/fund to be donated in line with the donation purposes,
  4. Expect the relevant managers to perform their duties prudently and successfully in relation to the relevant material or fund,
  5. Request a guarantee that the donation will be used for its intended purpose,
  6. Expect to be provided with an overall results report on activities once the disaster or emergency is over,
  7. Demand confidentiality of their donations in accordance with the law,
  8. Request anonymity in accordance with the law,
  9. Demanding that all relations between all employees representing the organization and him/her be at a professional level,
  10. When making a donation, they have the right to ask questions and expect a truthful and clear answer.
AKUT Foundation Board of Directors