Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

AKUT Foundation was established in 2011, following a unanimous decision at the General Assembly of AKUT Search and Rescue Association, by the team led by Ali Nasuh MAHRUKİ, the then Chairman of the Board of Directors of AKUT Association, after more than two years of preparation.

The majority of AKUT Foundation’s managers and volunteers are also members of AKUT Search and Rescue Association. Again, AKUT Search and Rescue Association is a member of the Board of Trustees of AKUT Foundation and the first members of the Board of Trustees of AKUT Foundation were elected by voting at the general assembly of the association.

The two institutions, which exist as separate legal entities under the brand name “AKUT”, are non-governmental organizations that carry out successful social responsibility activities based on “disaster and emergency”, although they have similar and different fields of activity.

In addition to public awareness raising trainings for disasters and emergencies, AKUT Foundation also carries out many social responsibility projects. For example, AKUT Foundation, which has the ability to act extremely fast in delivering humanitarian aid, especially technical equipment and personal protective equipment, to the region in disasters or emergencies, is a versatile non-governmental organization that carries out activities in many areas such as search and rescue capacity building of local teams, various theater plays where children are taught ways to protect themselves from disasters, and disaster awareness seminars in addition to such logistical support activities.

AKUT Sports Club Association was established in 2009 after more than two years of preparation by the team led by Ali Nasuh MAHRUKİ, the then Chairman of the Board of Directors of AKUT Association, in order to provide opportunities for young people who want to do sports, especially the athlete volunteers of AKUT Association.

Just like AKUT Foundation, AKUT Sports Club is a separate legal entity and is managed by volunteers. AKUT Sports Club, which has brought great prestige to the “AKUT” brand both at home and abroad with hundreds of trophies and medals to date, is a sister organization of AKUT Foundation and the two organizations share the same headquarters. The President of both institutions is Ali Nasuh MAHRUKİ, himself a national athlete.

Although AKUT Foundation is capable of conducting heavy search and rescue activities within the scope of its educational and technical equipment and its organizational framework, it is positioned to take part in “education” oriented activities before disasters and emergencies.

In disasters and emergencies, AKUT Foundation takes part in the field with services such as supporting the technical material and equipment needs of operational teams in the region and supporting local teams in the establishment of an incident scene management system.

Can I work with you?

AKUT Foundation carries out most of its activities on a voluntary basis. However, we rarely hire staff when we need full-time support.

  • Yes, you can apply for volunteering and/or propose a project. AKUT Foundation is an Istanbul-based organization and manages most of its activities from Istanbul. However, you can also join us from other cities.

    If you meet the membership requirements applicable in the legislation Click here to make a volunteer application.

AKUT Foundation’s Headquarters is located in Beyoğlu District of Istanbul, Kocatepe Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi Beler Apartmanı No: 29 Kat: 5 Apartment: 18. Our logistics center is the “Kartal Municipality-AKUT Foundation Community Disaster Awareness Center” located in Kartal district of Istanbul. Our logistics center is 5 minutes on foot from the D-100 (E5) highway and the “Soğanlık” metro station.

AKUT Foundation has many volunteers who can take part in any kind of emergency or disaster that may occur outside of Istanbul.

No, we do not have a political mission. “AKUT Foundation” is a supra-political organization and is not interested in politics. There is no interest in politics within the organization. No one can express a political opinion with their AKUT identity. Our Disciplinary Code defines strict rules on this.

Although AKUT Foundation may collaborate with many commercial organizations in projects or events, 3. We have no organic ties with the individuals.

AKUT Foundation generates some of its revenues through emergency management system and search and rescue trainings provided to organizations through AKUT Foundation Limited Company. Click here to access our trainings. Again, the support of our donors and grant funds from various institutions and organizations are our main income items.

Revolving Fund “
Regulation on Budget and Accounting of Revolving Fund Enterprises
“, it can only be established in public institutions, subject to the permission of the Ministry of Finance. AKUT Foundation does not have a revolving fund unit.

AKUT Foundation does not currently have a scholarship program.

AKUT Foundation does not have any student dormitory or such a work plan.

Yes, we accept interns from associate, undergraduate and high school levels within the scope of compulsory internship. We are evaluating applications for AKUT Foundation’s headquarters in Istanbul/European Side. You can follow our advertisements about this on

Many activities within the scope of disaster and emergency are among the activities that can be carried out as a team. Therefore, AKUT Foundation does not provide special search and rescue training for individuals. If you are in an organized structure, we can provide you with many trainings that you would like to receive within the scope of “disaster and emergency” after the evaluation of your application as an institution. Click here to access our trainings.

We do not have any relief efforts for asylum seekers. AKUT Foundation has a working discipline developed in parallel with its “disaster and emergency” centered mission and we plan our “aid” activities primarily on “sending technical equipment to the region immediately in disasters”.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept it. We would like to thank you for your requests for donations of sacrificial skins and refer you to the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Yes, we agree. We are happy to deliver the technical equipment and personal protective equipment and other materials you want to send to disaster areas in case of disaster or emergency to those in need. Please note, however, that our “logistical support” efforts are primarily based on providing lists of needs from the authorities on the ground, so we have various limitations on shipments.

  • Technical equipment, personal protective equipment and medical supplies to be used in disaster response are our top priority. In the first 5 days of the disaster, we are only interested in providing search and rescue and medical supplies.
  • Regarding technical equipment and personal protective equipment, we ask you to make purchases by sharing the technical specifications/standard of the products. We cannot accept equipment donations that do not meet the required standards/specifications for the safety of the teams.
  • We cannot accept any food/drink that may spoil or whose packaging has been opened.
  • We cannot accept 2nd hand goods.
  • We cannot accept materials at our headquarters address. (Our logistics warehouse: Kartal Municipality-AKUT Foundation Community Disaster Awareness Center)
  • We cannot accept the materials you send without notice and approval for your needs.

    For your material submissions: [email protected]

AKUT Foundation carries out all its financial activities under the knowledge and supervision of a “treasurer” and a “financial advisor”. All our activities within the scope of “Financial and Administrative Affairs” are regularly reviewed by the AKUT Foundation Audit Board. Again, AKUT Foundation, like all other foundations, is audited at various intervals by the General Directorate of Foundations. Please click here to access the Donor Declaration for your donations.

If you want to support AKUT Foundation, you can donate online from the link below.
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You can visit our Individual Support and Corporate Support pages and choose the one you want to support from our ongoing projects and activities.
Click here for the Donation Page.

18 again. You can send materials, provided that you pay attention to the points we explain in the article.