Message from the President

Message from the President


AKUT Foundation continues its disaster and emergency management-oriented risk reduction efforts through trainings, seminars and drills.erek was founded in 2011 by volunteers to carry out community awareness-raising activities and develop various social responsibility projects.

Turkey, almost all of whose territory is located on fault lines, ranks 6th in the world in the frequency of earthquakes of 5.5 and above on the Richter scale. in order. Annual loss of life due to disasters 3rd place, loss of life per population We are in 4th place. Unfortunately, our country is in a very dangerous position, especially in terms of earthquake damages. Therefore, the fight against disasters and earthquakes must be carried out collectively and by mobilizing all means and capabilities together.  

Responsibility for disaster risks cannot be seen as state-centered alone. The fight against disasters should be multi-centered and multi-actor; it should be brought down to the neighborhood and even to the individual, a culture of “safe living” spread to the baseand it should be internalized by the whole society. After all, when the day comes, everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, will be one of those affected by the disaster. Involving as many stakeholders as possible in disaster management means more communication and information sharing, more efficiency and development. The contemporary approach to disaster management is primarily the idea that disasters are local first. Therefore, strong local administrations against disasters and educated, conscious, organized local people who take responsibility are among the most important elements that make a difference both in risk reduction and in creating a disaster-resilient society. Societies formed by educated and disaster-aware citizens are more resilient against disasters and their damages. As AKUT Foundation, we continue our disaster trainings on every platform to ensure that our citizens have disaster awareness.

It should not be forgotten that the best way to combat disasters is together and consciously. Again, this struggle must start before disasters and disaster damages happen to us.

We hope that you will consider your visit to this page today as the beginning of your individual contributions to become more responsible and more aware of disasters and emergencies for yourself, your loved ones and our country, and that you will support us, your family members, in our almost 30-year “civil society” journey to prevent the loss of life due to preventable causes.

With our love,